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About Us

Our Background

Building Character By Bringing Back Core Values

Technical Competency + Essential Life Skills = A Competent Employee

Technical Competency + Essential Life Skills + Core Values

= A Super Competent Employee

  • The ACOVA team is a group of professionals in the training, education, public administration, diplomatic, marketing, communications, human resource, government networking, public relations and management consultancy fields.

  • Our team members have been in the training and related fields for collectively 120 years

  • Our lead instructors run their own training companies after serving in various senior positions in both the public and private sectors.

  • The supporting instructors have several years training experience coupled with hands-on management experience during the course of their respective careers.

Situation Analysis

  • Shifting values and erosion of core values in Malaysian society

    • Typical complaints about employees center around poor attitude and poor communication skills, lack of pride in work, low levels of integrity and lack of discipline and commitment. These are core values.

  • Modernization

    • Digital revolution brought about less human interaction. People communicate through devices to the detriment of direct human interaction, leading to less human touches.

  • Less or little emphasis on civics in the public education system.

Problem Statement

  • Malaysia’s global standing has taken a severe beating. Allegations of kleptocracy, corruption, high crime rates, racial polarisation and general chaos on our roads lend to this undesirable and negative image of our country.

  • There are many and diverse issues to be addressed. However, ACOVA will focus on two areas, viz,

    • Readiness, Employability and quality of Malaysian graduates for the job market

    • Enhanced and increased productivity of the Malaysian workforce leading to a more competitive Malaysia.  

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